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KLS Marine is owned and operated by Ken Sayler in Lolo, Montana. The first KLS Muffler was built in 1993 to meet the growing needs of jet boaters and builders concerned about noise levels inside and outside of the boat. Research and design became an integral part of the company as manufacturers' specifications changed, boat motors were improved, and boat owners desired a quieter ride. As KLS Marine grew, so did the product line. The KLS Sandtrap was designed in 1998 at the request of a commercial boat builder looking for a more efficient, reliable, and affordable sandtrap.

"I first started using KLS products in 1993. Through out the years I have called on them numerous times to help find solutions for various problems we have encountered. From developing a muffler to reduce the chances of hydro locking a motor, to designing a system to take advantage of the high performance motors available today in both gas and diesel versions, to producing a sandtrap capable of handling the volume of water required to cool a high performance diesel engine, KLS products have always exceeded my expectations in both performance and quality.


Thank you for the superior service KLS and lead on!"


 Steve Nightingale 

Renaissance Marine Group

New Product Development Coordinator

Duckworth, Weldcraft and Columbia Boats

KLS Marine manufactures jetboat mufflers for a quieter ride as well as efficient, reliable, and affordable jetboat sandtraps.

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